#  Qualifications
// Buzzword soup

// System analysis, design, management
Distributed and client-server applications
Web applications and services
Rich internet applications
Enterprise database development and design
Service-oriented architecture, microservices
Line of business systems
Requirements management
Rapid prototyping
UX optimizations
Discovery sessions
Implementation support
// Software development
// Systems & integration
App/web servers
Apache Tomcat
Relational databases
Microsoft SQL Server
Teradata (dated)
Operating systems
Amazon AWS
// Other / Misc
Russian (native)
Demo materials
Sales Support
Technical advisory
Technical negotiations

#  Experience
// Blood, sweat, tears and pride

Apr 2017 - present
Cambridge, MA
Jobcase, Inc.
  • DSL compiler materialization module - automatically generating Java representations based on formal definitions (internal tool)
  • Various on-going enhancements for the platform - mini filtering engine, "Dockerization", data generation and test tools, etc.
  • Compute grid using Ignite and AWS SageMaker (development)
  • Various R&D activities, rapid prototyping
  • On-going development tasks
Mar 2015 - Mar 2017
Waltham, MA
Zoom Information, Inc.
architect, team lead
  • Responsible for architecture, design and implementation of two subsystems
  • Running a small team of engineers (3-10)
  • Various R&D activities, rapid prototyping
  • Onboarding and supervising ISV contractors (outsourcing)
Mar 2015 - present
Waltham, MA
Private practice
architect, technical advisor
  • Technical leadership for small start-ups (design, architecture, product life-cycle)
  • Prototyping and proof-of-concept development
  • CTR (cost-to-reproduce) assessments, risk analysis
  • Conflict management with ISVs
  • Contractor selection, bidding process, procurement
2010 - 2015
Hartford, CT
VIAcode Consulting
program coordinator, practice leader
  • Running and managing solution practice (current projects, future sales, SDLC methodology), several small- to mid-size teams
  • Solutions design and expert sales support
  • Practice improvement, crisis management
  • Product management for AVIcode SharePoint line of products (acquired by Microsoft)
  • Post-acquisition knowledge transfer, collaboration on TechEd demo with Microsoft team
2009 - 2010
East Hampton, MA
  • Running a small dev team (3-6 people)
  • Design and implementation of VizitSP – advanced EDM solution for SharePoint, acquired by Kofax
  • Proof of Concept implementations with customers, technical sales support
2004 - 2009
Hartford, CT
Argos Group, LLC (T1A company)
architect, consultant
  • Design, implementation and development of Argos management tools for IBM/Unica
  • Implementations, troubleshooting, adoption projects for Fortune-100 customers (CapitalOne, American Express, Epsilon, RadioShack, Readers Digest, Kohls, ABN Amro, BJ’s, BestBuy and others)
  • Running a mixed team (2-5 developers, several consultants)
2000 - 2004
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Argos Company Limited
junior developer, developer, senior developer
  • Design and implementation of E-Tax, tax filing system for business
  • Various outsourcing projects (incl. model-driven UI automation framework for Win32 applications, BPM solution for procurement companies, MRM system for publishing companies)

#  Education
// Naiive years

2002 - 2004
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Saint-Ptersburg ITMO University
master of science in math and computer information systems
  • Master thesis "Using state machines and reactive logic in enterprise software"
  • Internship in Argos Company Limited
1998 - 2002
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Saint-Ptersburg ITMO University
bachelor in math and information technology
  • Bachelor thesis "Model-driven approach in large-scale automated UI testing for complex software systems"
  • Internship in Argos Company Limited

#  Private practice
// Moonlighting

My normal capacity is about 30-40 hours per month, usual rates are $100-$150/hr, depending on commitment or capacity. Here is what I can help you with:
  • Functional prototypes- this includes "clickable" UI prototypes, custom components, Proof of Concept projects, etc.
  • Software development and Architecture- sometimes people just need an extra pair of hands or a think tank partner. I can take on concise stories, such as implementing a small-to-mid-size feature, designing a subsystem, or helping you to come up with a technical vision for your project.
  • Trainings and SDLC process improvement- this may include on-site trainings on particular technology (usually 101-102 levels), recommendations on organizing your code management workflow, CI, requirements management, etc.
  • Technical assessments- includes technology risks assessment, CTR (Cost to Reproduce) calculation, estimates, etc.
  • Vendor selection / onboarding / relationship management- outsourcing to an ISV can be the best or the worst decision. I worked in outsourcing for many years and I know the back side of that kitchen well. If you need professional advice on how to pick a vendor, how to compare bids, what to look out for or how to fix a business relationship that went sour - I might be able to help.